terça-feira, 16 de abril de 2013

Necklace made from Nespresso capsules

My mom is a teacher and she's been asking her students to give her their used nespresso capsules so I can recycle them. I have hundreds of them now so I've been thinking and searching ways to recycle them.

I haven't found out many different projects on the web yet but I plan on doing something more with them soon because I'm getting out of boxes to store them in.

While searching on the internet the other day I found something different which I thought was cute, though. This tutorial. It's in spanish but I think the pictures are enough for you to understand what you have to do (however, if anyone follows that tutorial and needs help translating something, I can help).

I didn't have the earrings shown in the tutorial and didn't want to buy them so instead I simply wraped the capsules around a toothpick and then passed wire through them to make beads. I reccomend wrapping paper inside the capsule or gluing it place or something similar or else the wire will probably fall (I glued them).

I might make a few more beads in other colours so I can change them depending on my outfit or even make a bigger necklace like the one in the tutorial since I still have so many capsules left. I quite like these colours and this size though.

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