sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2012

Update: Almost officially on school holidays!

Offf! I had such a busy week! So much school work! Only one week left till the holidays, though, which means a lot of time for crafting!

I ran out of sequins in the middle of my "sequins collar" project and I'm also missing some other things so tomorrow I'm going supply shopping (yay!). Hopefully, I'll also do all the christmas shopping (which shouldn't be much since I'm crafting basically all of the gifts).

On another note, I added a another item to my shop:

I made this such a long time ago and it's still my favourite necklace. I'm so proud of it. I always kept it in hope I would open a store and sell it, though. I love to wear the things I made but I love to see people wearing them more and, as this is something I'm so proud of, I'd rather see it in someone else. :)

I've also been struck by a ray of inspiration today so I'm in the process of making another necklace (I'm currently writting with my fingers convered in blue acrylic paint). I'll try to post pictures tomorrow after I come back from the shopping centre.

Good night! (Or have a lovely day!) :)

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